Cheltenham B Level Advanced Report

April 30th 2001

35 players arrived in Cheltenham full of the joys of spring, and eagerly awaiting the first tournament of the season. Unfortunately the weather was not as kind to us as we had hoped. The combination of an icy cold wind and driving rain was not very enticing. Indeed Abdul Ahmad was forced to leave the tournament early because his mallet’s leather grip had “expanded”, and he was unable to dry it overnight. Still it was good to swing the mallet again, better than being at work!

We did also have some good weather and there was some excellent croquet played. Special mention must go to our international players Jonathan Lamb from Brussels (originally Salisbury) and Fernando de Ansorena from Spain. The food as always at Cheltenham was excellent and we were all made very welcome. Well done to Richard Wainman who wore shorts throughout and John Moore who was determined to sport them for at least one day!

The tournament was smoothly managed by Rick Davis of Nottingham, with Eileen Magee as Referee of the Tournament. Rick cleverly devised two events – the idea being that two different people would win, but of course these things don’t usually go to plan! Event 1 was Egyptian with each player starting on 50 points. Event 2 was based on points gained on AHS Handicap Cards. Well done to Jenny Williams of Bowdon with 73 points in Event 1 and a gain of 97 AHS points for Event 2. Abdul Ahmad of Pendle and John Moore from Tyneside shared 2nd place in Event 1 with 68 points. John also gained 82 handicap points. Mike Hoggett of Cheltenham scored 67 AHS points and Bruce Rannie won his silver award.