High Bisquers Report from Budleigh

April 26th 2010

Timothy Cantell, Hester Henebury and Connie Stopforth decided to enter the High Bisquers (high handicap) weekend tournament at Budleigh Salterton over the weekend of 24/25 April.

We had already heard much about the hospitality and wonderful setting with their 10 courts. The handicap range was 16 to 24, games were 18 point and timed at 2 hours 15 minutes.

It was Hester’s first weekend tournament and as Budleigh Salterton offered a relaxed croquet environment, ample refreshments and plenty of sunshine, the experience was very enjoyable. Despite winning only two games out of five, two of the games were very close, and it was only a lack of consistency which let her down. It was good to encounter different styles of play and, by watching other people, pick up useful ideas for the future.

Timothy did very well winning four of his five games and as a result came 3rd in the ‘Egyptian’ tournament for his overall score and reached the semi-final stage in the simultaneous knockout competition. Well done Timothy!

Connie managed to win three out of her five games and enjoying the friendly, yet competitive atmosphere. We all agreed that it was a good weekend and a tournament to be recommended to all our up and coming new members.