Successful President’s Cup and Autumn Salver weekend

September 4th 2011

President’s Cup – Super-B    

With a reduced number of lawns available for the combined tournament over the weekend of 20/21 August, and as a result, a restriction on the total number of competitors possible, only 4 took part in the President’s Cup Super-B, all playing each other twice over the weekend.

The outcome of the tournament was only decided in the final round by Eugene Chang defeating Richard Smith late on the Sunday evening to take the President’s Cup with 5 wins from 6. In winning the President’s Cup Chang achieved a handicap reduction from 1.5 to 1.

The results :

Eugene Chang (1.5) won 5/6 by beating Robbie Dodds +8, Richard H. Smith +13 and +4T and Jon Male +15 and +9

Robbie Dodds (0) won 4/6 by beating Eugene Chang +26, Richard H. Smith +17 and Jon Male +14 and +17

Richard H. Smith (0) won 2/6 by beating Robbie Dodds +15 and Jon Male +2T

Jon Male (0.5) won 1/6 by beating Richard H. Smith +14

Jon Male suffered a handicap rise from 0.5 to 1.

Autumn Salver – B Level

A late and unavoidable withdrawal led to only 7 players competing for the Autumn Salver B Level, although the manager (Roger Hayes) filled the void as a “bye” to ensure that no one sat out while everybody else was in play. In spite of the wide handicap range (3.5 to 8 ) on offer, all the entrants were of handicap 3 or 3.5 with the exception of Derek Knight from Beverley on 4.5.

Going in to the sixth and final round Pat Long (Nailsea) and Derek Knight were both on 4/5, with Long already having beaten Knight. As with the Super-B, the results of the final round were needed to decide who went home with the Autumn Salver, with Long having to win her last game against Jonathan Wolfe (Taunton Deane). Both the deciding games went to time, Knight winning his +2T but, unfortunately for her, Long lost hers -1T.

The results :

Derek Knight (4.5) won 5/6 (inc. a bye) by beating Richard Kimberley +2, Geoff Hughes +6, Jonathan Wolfe +23 and Sam Murray +2T

Pat Long (3) won 4/6 by beating Brian Shorney +14, Richard Kimberley +4T, Sam Murray +23 and Derek Knight +1T

Geoff Hughes (3.5) won 4/6 (inc. a bye) by beating Sam Murray +4T, Pat Long +4T and Brian Shorney +5T

Brian Shorney (3.5) won 3/6 (inc. a bye) by beating Sam Murray +2T and Richard Kimberley +19

Richard Kimberley (3) won 3/6 (inc. a bye) by beating Jonathan Wolfe +23 and Geoff Hughes +22

Jonathan Wolfe (3) won 3/6 (inc. a bye) by beating Brian Shorney +12 and Pat Long +1T

Sam Murray (3.5) won 2/6 (inc. a bye) by beating Jonathan Wolfe +21

Derek Knight achieved a handicap reduction from 4.5 to 4.

Surprisingly only one TP was achieved during the whole weekend and that was by the manager, playing as a “bye”, when he did a TPO on Saturday morning. Did his trip to the pub the night before have anything to do with it ????