Francis Wins in Bristol

December 6th 2011

In the Bristol mid-week 12-22 handicap tournament held over 15 and 16 June, Paul Francis (centre) who was a late entrant to the tournament, came out the winner by beating Bristol’s own John Phillips (far right) in a very close final which was decided by 1 on time after going to a ‘golden hoop’ after time was called. Hester Henbury (second from left) also had a very good tournament finishing in 3rd place after pegging out and winning a close 3rd place play off.


Paul Francis (centre) is shown at Bristol Croquet Club after winning the midweek 12-22 handicap tournament in a very close final against John Phillips (far right). Hester Henbury (2nd from left) also had a good tournament and finished third, 16th June 2011