Triple Banking Not a Problem for Bath

May 28th 2012

A chilling easterly wind, an uneven lawn, and the complexities of triple banking were the main obstacles in Bath’s way as they progressed to a comprehensive 5-0 away win for the Intermediate team’s first match of the season on Sunday 20 May. Hardly a warm up!

Whilst Ian Morrison pegged out against his opponent with an hour to spare, Hester Henebury & Richard Jelly struggled in the wake of their doubles opponents before sweeping into the lead on their very last turn, winning by a single hoop on time. The triple bank afternoon went well, all three Bath players winning comfortably by similar margins. Triple banking didn’t seem to be as much of a problem as feared, but the third set of colours, if somewhat weird, were better than the primary with stripes previously encountered elsewhere.


Hester Henebury (14) & Richard Jelly (12) vs Richard Wheeler (14) & Mike Edwards (14)  +1T

Ian Morrison (12) vs Peter Bailey (14)  +24

Richard Jelly (12) vs Peter Bailey (14)  +8T

Ian Morrison (12) vs Richard Wheeler (14)  +4T

Hester Henebury (14) vs Mike Edwards (14)  +7T