Winning Croquet in the Sun

October 8th 2012

Glorious cloudless summer sun at last! Our Intermediate League opponents (Taunton Deane) could only manage a team of three for our match on the Rec on Sunday 22 July.

The morning went well. Paul Francis in the doubles went quickly to peg in no more than three or four turns. The Bath Captain (Richard Jelly) struggled somewhat in his wake, but so did the Taunton pairing: therefore a comfortable win. Meanwhile, David Perkins had a see-saw match against Taunton’s David Grose. The latter took an early lead, but Perkins won comfortably in the end.

Perkins continued his good form in the afternoon, overwhelming Margaret Huckett and inflicting on her what the Taunton skipper described as her worst ever defeat. Ian Morrison won comfortably on time reducing his handicap to 10 in the process. Once again Paul Francis indulged in his penchant for golden hoop finishes, running four back with the last stroke of the match; against, it should be said, a forest of bisques. After this impressive 5-0 win, a home match against Nailsea beckons for Bath’s (as yet) unbeaten team.


Paul Francis (9) & Richard Jelly (12) vs Carol Garret (18) & Margaret Huckett (11)  +5T

David Perkins (12) vs David Grose (11)  +5T

David Perkins (12) vs Margaret Huckett (11)  +19

Ian Morrison (11) vs David Grose (11)  +6

Paul Francis (9) vs Carol Garret (18)  +1T