Intermediate Team put the Boot into Wellington

June 19th 2015

The Intermediate league team played their second match on 11 June at home to Wellington and achieved a resounding 4-1 win.

In the morning Bob Hart, played Tony Burch. He played well from the beginning using his bisques economically and raced ahead of the Wellington Captain, who never really got into his stride. The Doubles pair Norman Connor and Folke Pope , had an unsteady start, but soon got into their stride with Folke taking his ball to the last hoop fairly quickly and Norman advancing steadily. The Wellington pair were capable and made many hoops but were not able to catch up.

In the Afternoon, Norman Connor played Tony Burch and again made steady progress against the Wellington Capt, who struggled. Bob Hart repeated his mornings work easily beating David Wickham, whilst Folke Pope narrowly lost to John Pugsley by 1 hoop