Double Wins for Norman Connor

June 1st 2016

A dry and reasonably sunny day at Bath CC started the first Intermediate match of the season, Bob Hart and Philip de Glanville played doubles with spirit but were under par in the morning along with Folke Pope, who also had a poor morning both losing their morning games. Norman Connor played superbly in the morning winning his match by a decent margin of plus 9.
The afternoon weather was mixed but the looming rain clouds brought no rain and the day ended in fine sunshine. Bob Hart continued to have a poor day, Norman Connor continued his strong performance of the morning winning his match plus 5 and Folke Pope reversed his poor morning performance with a win plus 9 over the opposition playing captain. Philip de Glanville narrowly missed winning his match on time as his opponent caught up and beat him by one hoop.
A great days play with no rain and a narrow defeat.