Bath v. Nailsea in the Parkstone Trophy League

May 15th 2017

Bath’s advanced level team opened their Parkstone Trophy campaign of the 2017 at the Recreation Ground on Saturday against, old rivals Nailsea, with a resounding win 5 – 0. The home side’s doubles pairing of Roger Hayes (0) and John Grimshaw (1.5) had a fractured game against Pat Long (2.5) and newcomer Erica Malaiperuman (4.5), which eventually ended with RH pegging out after time had been called, to prevent Nailsea turning the tables at the last moment. On the other lawn, Andrew Willis (-0.5) comfortably saw off Geoff Hughes (1.5) 26 – 4, to give Bath a lunchtime lead of 2 – 0.
Bath’s captain RH was the first to finish his afternoon game against GH +13, with JG v. EM following soon afterwards +14 to Bath and AW completing the victory against Pat Long +6.