Federation North team continue their unbeaten run

August 31st 2017

It is not often that one has the enjoyment of playing croquet on the front lawns of a NT stately home – Dyffryn. However, weather – cold and wet, and dreadfully slow ‘bumpety’ lawns – NT lack of maintenance, took the pleasure out of the occasion somewhat. Suffice to say that the morning doubles and singles, both lost (-7T & -11T), were put down to an exercise in lawn acclimatisation. In the afternoon Richard J almost let slip a win, blobbing rover, was peeled and pegged out against an accurate 2½; however eventually winning 26-19. Meanwhile Bob H won comfortably in style +10T against an HC 4½ leaving Hester H to seize the day. Drama! The score: 18-17 to Hester as she left the lawn and time was called with her opponent well positioned. The Dyffryn captain (HC 4) made the hoop to propel the match into golden hoop territory. The last turn: Hester coolly hit in from twelve yards, executed a not too easy hoop approach, made 3 back and 4 back to win 20-18T. It was a team victory barely imaginable at lunchtime against low handicap opponents and on difficult lawns. The motorway holdups on the return journey didn’t seem to matter too much. The Fed. North team play Broadwas at home on Wednesday 23 August to win the league.
Richard Jelly 21 August 2017