Second Win for Federation Central Team

June 18th 2018

For our Fed Central’s second match of the season Folke Pope rejoined the team, and since Paul Francis was still non-weight-bearing on crutches, Margaret Murray agreed to play for us again, pairing up with stand-in captain Philip de Glanville for a +15T win in the doubles, while Folke overtook Camerton’s Colin Britt in the final minutes for a triumphant 25:24 win in his singles match. Folke continued in winning form in the afternoon, against Tony Brooks, who played magnificently and just failed to catch Folke in another 25:24 nail-biter. This was Folke’s 5th consecutive win and took his handicap down to a well-earned 7. Margaret lost -3T against Mo Boys in an agonisingly slow low-scoring match, but Philip got the better of Colin Britt with a +16 win, the only game of the day to finish inside the 3 hours.