Google Corporate Event

July 18th 2018

The Club agreed at short notice to host a corporate event for seventy Executives from Google, who were holding a conference in Bath because a Director was retiring who happened to live in Bath. When they arrived, all perceptions of Executives and retiring Directors went out of the window as we were faced with a group of twenty-somethings and a Director who was probably not even forty.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the lawns as busy as there was almost 100 people present when all of the volunteers from the Club were included. Our guests were great fun and hugely enjoyed playing croquet whilst quaffing Pimms and scoffing the sandwiches cream teas, home-made cakes and strawberries & cream that we had laid on.

I am extremely grateful to everyone that helped out; a number of you gave up a great deal of your time and this was very much appreciated. Although it was a bit frenetic at times, I think many of us enjoyed ourselves almost as much as our guests and also helped the Club make a profit on the evening, which we can put to good use.

Thanks again.