Narrow Defeat for GC Handicap NE Team at Kington Langley

June 4th 2019

The club had to give up their home advantage and move their match with Kington Langley to their opponents lawns due to the Festival Finale taking place at The Rec. This was the first visit of the team to KL’s new lawns. Although much flatter than the old lawns they are still a bit bumpy but will improve with time. The match was fairly close all through the match with KL, captained by Margaret Murray, holding an advantage at all stages. After a very wet afternoon Bath needed to win all four of the last round of singles to come out on top but fell one game short losing 9.5 to 10.5.The team was Elaine Morrison, Miriam Bolger, Gordon Cottis, Pete Riley, Lyndon Hughes and Tony Curson. Tony had the best record on the day with 3 singles wins and a win and draw in two doubles matches (with Pete and Lyndon respectively) which resulted in a handicap reduction to 2.