Success in Sunny Sidmouth

June 15th 2021

Andrew Willis spent a hugely enjoyable week playing in Sidmouth’s Mid-Summer Tournament.

Having been informed by the Tournament Manager that he had a bye and a late start on Day 1, a dash from Bath to Sidmouth ensued on Wednesday morning when the Manager realised that he had an even number for the handicap event and that there were no byes! Willis enjoyed mixed fortunes in the handicap event although his low handicap was really no excuse as the event was won by David Warhurst, who was undefeated and also has a handicap of -0.5.

Despite proclaiming a dislike for 14-point advanced play, Willis won 3 games out of 4, which was enough to win the A-class 14-point event.

To his disappointment, 3 wins out of 4 was not enough to secure victory in the main A-class 26 point event. Local talisman Richard Wood played a very canny tactical game and won the deciding match on his final turn by 5 hoops on time, securing the trophy for the third year in a row.

The setting at Sidmouth is second to none, as was the hospitality, and Willis certainly hopes to return to this tournament for many years to come.