Cleveland Pools Trust Mini Olympics Fundraiser

September 5th 2021

Bath Croquet were delighted to offer support to Rob Massey and his team in their quest to raise funds for Cleveland Pools Trust and to facilitate a mini Olympic event of croquet. The team took inspiration from the recent Tokyo Olympics and the wonderfully eccentric Captain W Evans, former patron of the Cleveland Pools circa 1867.

Having arrived wearing period costume the group received some fast moving expert tuition from Hester before splitting into their teams ready for the competition to begin. On lawn 3a the pairing of Luke and Oleg took an initial lead against Rob and Sally. Rob fought back with an accurate approach to hoop 3 but a missed clearance shot left the way clear for Sally to put a point on the scoreboard. Not to be beaten easily Oleg took hoop 4 and together with Luke jumped in both surprise and celebration at their 3-1 victory.

Lawn 3b saw equally competitive play with Simon, Alvaro, Darren and Justin showing improving skills at each hoop. In the second round all 4 teams battled in true olympic style to gain as many hoop scoring points as possible.

With the croquet points collated and combined with those claimed for the first event of punting, everyone retired to the Clubhouse, where Gill was waiting to provide refreshments to our competitors. A moment was taken to relax and for the winners to receive the team prize before moving on to the next event, Boules.

Photograph below is copyright of Cleveland Pools