Hedge Cutting

September 7th 2021

A small number of club members gathered yesterday, on a very hot day, to “trim” the overgrown hedge around lawn 1 and other tidying up. As you can see from photos below there was a large amount to trim. Particular thanks are due to Paul Francis who did all the hedge cutting. Thanks also to Lynne Passfield, Ally Hoyland, Peter Miles, Neil Pinker, Sally Helvey, Christine Lutman, Sue Duncan, Martin Alabaster, Miriam Bolger, Tony Curson, Gill & Bob Clark for their sterling efforts to clear and dispose of debris. Seven very full car loads of filled bags were taken to the recycling centres. There are still three large piles of hedge cuttings in corner behind the wildflower patch so if any other club members wish to do their bit to help please bring bags to fill and take to recycling centre.
Photos below show the amount Paul had to remove and the finished state.