Bath win against Nailsea in GC High Handicap

June 15th 2022

Played under overcast conditions on Bath lawns on 6 June, Nailsea with 4 players to Bath’s 6 was going to be a challenge for the Nailsea team.
Bath got off to a good start winning the first two doubles matches. After three rounds the score was 6.5 to 1.5 to Bath.
Nailsea’s team new to playing competitively certainly stayed the distance during the afternoon, rallying to secure 2 good wins and another draw. One Nailsea player sitting out for 2 games gave Bath 2 default wins (and a chance for both captains to learn how to record this on the score form!)
Good scores for Bath players Sue Andrew and Neil Pinker in doubles. Ally Hoyland and Kate New also playing in competitive form in both doubles and singles.
After a long afternoon, Nailsea conceded the match with grace and good humour.

Bath players: Sue Andrew, Pam Burgoyne, Sue Duncan, Ally Hoyland, Kate New, Neil Pinker. Reserve: Mary-Jane Middlehurst

Final score: 15/5 to Bath