Bath’s Short Croquet Team Wins Again

July 13th 2022

Our Short Croquet team enjoyed another comfortable 11-5 win against Winterborne Valley when they came to Bath for the home fixture on Sunday July 3rd.

The lawns were playing very generously after the recent heavy rain, with none of the capricious ball positioning which we all found challenging when they were baked hard and dry, but our guests still found them exceptionally fast! However they adapted quickly and made good use of their forests of bisques – even their strongest player had six.

Team captain Philip de Glanville, now down to SC 0.5, managed to win all four games with the narrowest of margins, by overtaking his opponents on his final turn in every case. Martin Alabaster (SC 5) had three much more comfortable wins, in which he pegged out with plenty of time still on the clock, and only lost his final game on a very tense Golden Hoop. Both Tony Jackson (SC 6) and Sue Duncan (now SC 9) each contributed two very valuable wins to the final score, with Tony pegging out twice in great style.

With four very good wins and only two more matches to play, Bath’s position at the top of the Short Croquet (Restricted) League table is now unassailable, as long as we can continue to field a team!