Rain Stops Play at GC Progressive Doubles

July 24th 2022

The annual GC Progressive Doubles Tournament, held on Friday 22nd July, proved to be very popular this year, with the 16 places filled almost overnight and we even had a reserve list! There were several newish members amongst the high handicappers, who ranged from GC10 – GC14. The eight lower handicappers were neatly bunched as two groups of GC7 and GC9.

Games were played on all four lawns, with winners in each round moving ‘up’ a lawn and separating, while losers moved ‘down’ a lawn and separated. All thus acquired new partners for the next game. This worked very well for the first three rounds, but after a short break for lunch the thunder clouds gathered, and it started to rain heavily during the fourth round. The hitherto sun-baked lawns, almost as hard and fast as concrete, were quickly flooded by the downpour and almost an inch of rainfall was recorded locally, see photos below.

With great regret the tournament had to be abandoned, with only three of the five rounds completed. However overall clear winners in each group had already emerged; in the lower handicap group Sue Duncan (GC9) had two wins and a draw, while Brenda Fisher (GC10) came out top of the higher handicap group, also with two wins and a draw, though neither had yet partnered the other. Both ladies each took home a bottle of wine with which to celebrate their success!

Low handicappers Miriam Bolger (GC7) and Anwen Owens (GC9) were runners-up in their group, with two wins each, and both Kate New (GC11) and debutant Andy Wagstaff (GC11), as high handicappers, also won two games. John Putt (GC14) distinguished himself by scoring a win and two draws, partnered in turn by Neil Pinker, Sue Duncan and Sue Andrew.

Despite having got pretty soaked in the afternoon, everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves hugely!