Second Win of Season for GC Handicap Team

June 21st 2023

The team arrived at Camerton and Peasedown to play our match against their B team, hoping for a less hot day this time. They had, thoughtfully, made all their 4 lawns available for play so we were able to complete the 20 games in just 4 rounds, therefore avoiding a long day of play in humid conditions.

We started with a great opening round, they then discovered their target range on their lawns, cutting back our lead. By the end of third round we were 8.5 to their 6.5 so all to play for the last round. Fortunately then fortified by some lunch and glass or two of ‘Fizz’ 🍾 (non alcoholic of course) we raced home on final round winning all 5 games running out a 13.5 to 6.5 ‘win’. It was perfect Teamwork with everyone of the team contributing to the team winning score! The team consisted of Anwen Owens, Sue Duncan, Ally Hoyland, David Veal, Clare Fletcher, Miriam Bolger and Brian Owens.

They made us feel welcome and we appreciated their new clubhouse to relax in between games. Always a good day of ‘croqueting’ when both teams play in a battling, yet, supportive way.