Intermediate AC team at Bristol

July 2nd 2023

The Intermediate team travelled to Bristol anticipating a day of extreme heat so water bottles and umbrellas, to provide shade, were on hand.
Bristol’s lawns were extremely fast, having not had significant rain for almost a month, which led to hoop approaches invariably rolling past any position for a possible hoop run.
The duo of Tony Jackson and Lynne Passfield played against Chris Frew and Mick Brown on lawn 1 in the morning doubles. Handicaps were even so with no bisques it was an involved tactical game trying to ensure the opposition were left with slim chances of gaining an advantage. The eventual score was 15 -12 with Bath winning through on time.
Andy took an early commanding lead in his game against Susan taking his game to a win. Tony had to play tactically to extract bisques from his opponent but Geoff’s play was very strong giving him a win. At the end of the morning Bath was 2-1 ahead and both teams retreated to the shade for lunch.
Afternoon play saw very close games with three of them ending on a single point difference although Bristol drew ahead to make a final score of 4-3.