Jane Austen Festival at Bath Croquet Club

September 11th 2023

Bath Croquet club welcomed visitors celebrating the Jane Austen festival to engage in a game of croquet and partake of refreshments in the Clubhouse.

Croquet wasn’t invented in Jane Austen’s lifetime, in those days they were still playing a game called Pall Mall involving mallets, balls and hoops – the same equipment as croquet.

Jane Austen would have been aware of the game Pall Mall; she was likely to have seen it played and may even have played it herself. Games like this were popular for their match-making opportunities as men and women were able to socialise in an informal setting.

On this occasion we couldn’t guarantee any match-making although one group of eligible young ladies did ask politely if they could return and be matched with the same charming lawn lead for their second visit. Every lawn was full, members ensured everyone had a most enjoyable day and the promenaders looked resplendent in their period costumes whilst gracing our lawns.

With a total of eight sessions during the week there were approaching 200 attendees.