AC Intermediates at Home to Nailsea

July 5th 2024

With the team ravaged by illness, there were only three AC Intermediates fit to take on Nailsea at Bath but the visitors were very gracious in accepting the last minute team reduction. Tony Curson, still shaking off the dust of a continental holiday and Bob Hart made a strong doubles pairing and pegged out to win 26-13 and Martin Alabaster also won, meaning that we went into lunch with a 2-0 lead. Nailsea found some better form in the afternoon but we scored the one win needed to finish the day 3-2. Interestingly, with the games baselined to 6 – an innovation by SWF for 2024 – all 5 of them were finished within the time limit and the total scores were Bath 111 to Nailsea’s 72.
And in keeping with tradition, the day ended with an excellent cake.