Bath internal ‘Progressive Doubles’ tournament a flying success

September 17th 2005

Today saw the return of Bath ‘Progressive Doubles’ tournament, following last year’s popular success. A total of 16 players (8 junior and 8 senior) entered, ensuring plenty of fun and much banter.

Nigel Amos, managing his first event, devised a clever order of play so that the losing pair at the end of the game would move on to another lawn, whilst the winning pair stayed on, but formed new partnerships and had to play against each other. This ensured that everyone got to play with different partners, which provided great experience for all involved – juniors and seniors.
It did mean that those ‘junior players’ on a hot streak of form (or bandits as they are more fondly known) stayed on their own lawn throughout the day, gaining lawn advantage as well as being on a purple patch!

The format was short croquet on half lawns, with points scored with the junior partner’s ball counting double (21 point games). Games had a 75 minute time limit, stopping at the bell, which led to some interesting results, including 2 draws in one round! A few noticable performances from:

Nick King (junior partner) who produced some fabulous croquet to complete a bisque-less rover peel and pegout after his senior partner had made a mess of things!

Carys Ottner (junior partner) who kept her nerve to win after her senior partner had inadvertently pegged himself out shooting across the lawn.

Andrew Willis (junior partner) who completed all round breaks with at least 2 bisques standing in all his 5 games.
Well done to Nigel for managing the tournament so well on his first attempt, and for having a clear winner by the end of the 5 games, and many thanks to all participants and spectators.


‘Best Junior Partner’: Andrew Willis 5/5, handicap reduction 24 down to 20

‘Best Senior Partner’: Peter Miles (same as last year!) 3.5/5

Irene King, for defeating her son Nick King!