Amos Wins Exciting Final at Sidmouth

January 8th 2012
The Sidmouth B-Level Advanced Weekend Tournament took place over
3 days in the middle of August 2011, and attracted 16 players ensuring
that all four of Sidmouth's beach side lawns were in full play.

The Tournament was organised into 2 blocks A and B with eight players
in each. The winners of the 2 blocks would play against each other in a
single game final for the Regency Salver.

Richard Kimberley from New Zealand won the A block by winning 5 out
of his 7 games. Nigel Amos of Bath won 6 of his 7 games making him the
winner of B block.

Whilst the other lawns were used for play offs, lawn 1 hosted the final
attracting a small group of spectators sat outside the club pavilion.

Amos soon got under way, and with his first break he took his first ball
all the way round to 4 back. He then got his second ball to rover, having
also peeled the other ball through 4 back and penult, but was forced to
make a far from satisfactory leave. By this stage Kimberley had only a
few hoops to his name and was well behind. However the spectators were
treated to a thrilling game as like Amos he then made 2 continuous hoop
running innings. There was still one final bit a drama - with just 3 hoops
to go Kimberley broke down, and as soon as Amos hit in he was able to
run the final hoop and peg out in the same turn - winning the final and the
Regency Salver +5.

The spectators said they had been treated to an exciting game worthy of
a final - the players were later seen in the bar un-janging their nerves!