Club Internal Competition Winners for 2011

January 25th 2012

These trophies were engraved by the club and presented by the chairman Roger Hayes at the clubs’ Annual Dinner and Prize Giving on Friday 14 October at The Combe Grove Manor Hotel in Bath. Roger Hayes gave a poignant speech about Nick King, a promising young croquet player who died tragically in an accident whilst riding his motorbike in 2009. The new Nick King Trophy was then presented for the first time to rapidly improving Association Croquet player Ian Morrison to much applause.


Association Croquet

                                                                                                       Winner                                  Runner-up
Advanced Singles (Avon Trophy)                                 Peter Miles                               Roger Hayes
Handicap Singles (Alderwick Cup)                              Ian Morrison                             Richard Jelly
Handicap Singles 4 – 12 (Apps-Heley Cup)              Michael Brown                          Paul Francis
Handicap Singles 14 and over (Secretary’s Cup)     Ian Morrison                           Brenda Lane
Handicap Doubles (Founder’s Cup)                      Leonie Wilkinson &          R Stopforth & H Henebury                                                                                                     Roger Hayes                   R Jelly & Lyndon Hughes
One-Ball (Windsor Aubrey Cup)                                    Ian Morrison                             Richard Jelly
Short Croquet (Chairman’s Cup)                                    Roger Hayes                               Paul Francis
Handicap League (League Salver)                                David Perkins                                Roger Bell

Golf Croquet

Handicap Singles (Margaret Langley Salver)             Peter Miles                                  Paul Francis
Improvers Handicap Singles (Whitfield Salver)     Gordon Cottis                        Henriette Van Deth


The clubs’ 2011 AGM took place on Friday 18 November at St Mary’s Church Hall in Bath. Roger Hayes provided details of the many achievements of individual club members and teams during the 2011 playing season. Nigel Amos retired from the Committee and was thanked for all his hard work in maintaining the lawns over a number of years. There was also much discussion about the clubs’ future development.