5 of The Best for Intermediate Team

November 5th 2012

With 4 wins already under our belt and only Nailsea to beat to complete a 5 out of 5 season excitement among the team was building ahead of our home match on Saturday 11 August.

The morning could have gone better though. Ian Morrison and David Perkins won their singles comprehensively, Ian completing his 26 points with time to spare, but the two Richards (Jelly most of all) struggled to get going in a low scoring doubles match against very ordinary opposition until Stopforth played an elegant five hoop break with opportunities to go further but time was called during this turn and an opportunity to seize victory from the jaws of defeat was lost.

Rob Royffe, the Nailsea Captain, chose to move from Lawn 1 to Lawn 2 after lunch and certainly played better against Perkins than he had against Morrison earlier in the day, winning by 6 on time. To the surprise of all, Morrison lost against Mike Tracy by almost as great a margin as he had won in the morning. This left the two Richards to grind out low scoring wins against Mary Barnes and Bridget Clayton. Still, it is good to know that as long as each member of the team wins at least one singles match, a win is assured. So, five matches, five wins and Bath have won the South West Federation Intermediate League (Central Division), with a Semi final against either Cheltenham (probably) or Broadwas (possibly), to look forward to.


Richard Stopforth (9) & Richard Jelly (12) vs Mary Barnes (12) & Bridget Clayton (16)  -2T

David Perkins (12) vs Mike Tracy (14)  +9T

Ian Morrison (10) vs Rob Royffe (14)  +20

Ian Morrison (10) vs Mike Tracy (14)  -19

David Perkins (12) vs Rob Royffe (14)  -6T

Richard Stopforth (9) vs Mary Barnes (12)  +2T

Richard Jelly (12) vs Bridget Clayton (16)  +5T