Clff Hanger End to Central South GC v Taunton Deane

July 21st 2015

We were pleased to host the match against Taunton Deane on the one fine day in a very unsettled week. They were very friendly opponents and we all had a pleasant day.Bath were reasonable confident at lunchtime with a lead of 8-4. However all that changed soon after lunch when Taunton secured three of the four matches, narrowing the gap to 9-7. The final round was a cliff-hanger. Gordon secured a win quite quickly to ensure the draw, but we then lost the next two matches. With the score at 10-9 Henriette battled hard in front of a large gallery, kept her head and led us to victory 11-9. What a relief! Everyone contributed, so well done Gordon, Eleanor, Henriette, Lyndon, Brenda and Sue H