Local Derby – Bath Bounce Back!

August 3rd 2015

Bristol came to Bath on Sunday for an AC Intermediate league match, complained about the quality of our lawns, and were soundly trounced for the remark. The morning started well, Philip De Glanville, fresh from a six month visit to Australia and Folke Pope systematically disarmed their Bristol opposition making 21 hoops to their 14. Bob Hart, continued to play a steady and game beat his opponent 22-8 . Peter Riley also played a hard fought match to win by 3 hoops. A pleasant lunch provided by the home side, saw a further 4 matches in the afternoon. Team captains Folke Pope and Bristols’ Deirdre Duggan faced off, with Folke taking and early lead, over which Deirdre never recovered. Folke won with 20 hoops to 11. Peter Riley also started well and gradually ground down his opponent with a 7 hoop win. Philip De Glanville in his first singles match for Bath played a superb match with another win over his Bristol opponent Philip Seymour of 7 hoops. Finally Bob Hart, playing possibly Bristols’ best player of the day, lost narrowly by 3 hoops. Final score 6-1 to Bath