Success at Last for GC Central North Team

August 13th 2015

At last the GC Central North team managed to win a game, thereby avoiding the wooden spoon,in their final match at home to Kington Langley. However, it did not look that way after the first round which Bath lost 1.5-2.5. It got worse when Bath lost the second round 2.5-3.5 making the score 4-6. Quite what happened after that I am not sure but Bath went on to win the third round 4-0 and the last round 4-2 to make the final score 12-8 to Bath.

The top performer on the day was Pete Riley who managed to win all his 3 singles games. The team was particularly successful in the doubles, losing only 1 out of the 4. All members of the team contributed points and special mention ought to go to the three newcomers, Mary, Christine and David all of whom acquitted themselves well.

Finally it has been said (by Norman) that there is no truth in the rumour that the victory had anything to do with the fact that the captain was not playing. The decision was obviously a tactical master stroke on his part not to play!