AC Progressive Doubles

September 24th 2015

The turnout for the AC Progressive Doubles on Sunday 20 September was low with only 8 competitors.

At lunch, after two games in the morning, the high bisquers group was headed by Philip de Glanville on 7 points, with Irene King only one point behind. Folke Pope and Jennifer Saunders completed this group. The low bisquers, Richard Stopforth, Paul Francis, Andrew Willis and Norman Connor were all on 3 except for RS on 4. Andrew left at this point and his place was taken by the tournament manager, Roger Hayes. Not deterred, Roger successfully completed his mandatory peels in all three of the afternoon games, in his first game going from H1 to peg and finishing by pegging out the opposition’s ball in the same break when partnered by Irene King. The resulting win within the time limit gave Irene a further points boost which she built on with another bonus point win in the following game, giving her an unassailable lead in the high bisquers group.

The situation within the low bisquer group going into the last game had Richard on 10 with Paul and Andrew/Roger both on 7. Paul finished his game, partnered by Jennifer, inside the time, thereby reaching a total of 11, so it all hinged on the outcome of the other game between Richard/Philip and Roger/Folke. On this occasion, with Roger having peeled Folke’s ball twice and Richard’s chance of winning more than evaporated, Folke was literally in the throes of setting up to peg out when the buzzer sounded. The rules of the tournament did not allow any play after time was called. As a result, although Roger scored 3 for a win, it was Paul who came through at the end to snatch an overall win by the one extra bonus point from his last game.


Well done, Paul and well done, Irene.