Astonishing Doubles Game is highlight of Parkstone Match

September 14th 2015

Bath ended its Parkstone Trophy (advanced level) season with a 3-2 win at Nailsea last Saturday, although the win was far from memorable except for one astonishing game of doubles. John Grimshaw (1) for Bath carried out a Rover peel against his opposite number, Pat Long (2.5), to peg her out, leaving his partner, Pete Miles (2), on H2 and remaining opponent, David Hunt (4.5), on H1. Questionable tactics on the part of the visiting pair allowed David Hunt to overtake to the point where, with time very nearly running out, Nailsea was one point ahead due to Pat long having been pegged out. Clearly Bath needed to draw level which was achieved only by John Grimshaw taking the initiative and pegging himself out. Time called !! A golden hoop required ! David Hunt had to hit in and get himself in front of H5 to run it and win. Fortune favoured Bath with Nailsea failing the all-important hit-in on at least three attempts, allowing Pete Miles to make the game- and match-winning hoop, +1T !!!!! Bath ended the season in second place in Div.2 of the Advanced League.