Federation Team win final SWF League Match

August 17th 2016

The clubs Federation team were playing Taunton Deane in their final league match of the season. The less said about the morning doubles (Hester H & Richard J) the better. Suffice to say it was a bad loss, but we went in to lunch 2-1 up due to two fine singles wins (Norman C and Philip de G). The glorious afternoon – weather and play – resulted in four straight wins for Bath, three of them peg-outs. This gave a final score of 6-1.

The match completes the 2016 season with Won 3-Lost 2 the same record as two other Clubs, Abbey and Bristol. Abbey go through to the South West Federation play offs having beaten both Bath and Bristol. However the Bath Federation team have one more match to play; the semi-final of the Croquet Association Secretary’s Shield against Hunstanton, to be played on neutral territory at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire on 31st August.