Hectic Week for High Handicap GC Team

July 22nd 2017

On Thursday 6 July the GC High Handicap team hosted league leaders Llandaff at the Rec and beat them 12.5 – 7.5. Jennie Saunders won all three of her singles matches with Pam Burgoyne and Alistair Byford-Bates each winning two singles. Additional points came from Clare Fletcher, Mary-Jane Middlehurst and Thacher Alexander.The following day the team were away at Swindon. Most of the team was different. However Jennie Saunders played again and won two singles matches. Eleanor Easom with two wins and Lynne Passfield, Richard Mills and Clare Fletcher with one win each contributed to the teams score but the team eventually lost 12.5 – 7.5.