Win for Intermediate Team against Bristol

July 22nd 2017

The Intermediate team played a home match against Bristol. After much debate, the decision was taken for Henriette van Deth and Eleanor Easom to play the doubles. Although playing with 7 bisques against two 10 handicap players, no one was able to construct a match-dominating break. However Bath managed to get a +2T win. Bob Hart and Norman Connor shared the morning singles games with Bristol, so Bath led 2-1 at lunch.
The afternoon singles were all closely fought, and as is frequently the case in intermediate matches, all went to time. Norman went down by a single point and Eleanor, after building a good lead early on, was reeled in at the end by Bristol captain, Anthony Rackham. Bob managed to grind out a dour +7 win, leaving the match even with Henriette still on court. After a mix-up with a wrong ball penalty and balls and clips being inadvertently moved in the clear-up of the double-banked game, the last 5 minutes or so were played out with Henriette getting the result +1T.
Tight, close match with Bath winning 4-3. Very satisfactory result against old rivals.