New Members Tournament

October 8th 2018

When new members join the club, normally after the beginners course, it is too late for them to enter any of the clubs season long internal competitions. It was therefore decided to run a GC handicap tournament open only to these new members. This was held last Sunday and due to the small number of entries was run on “an all play all” basis. It was a very tight competition with Ally Hoyland and Lionel Rose both winning 3 of their 4 games but Ally won the tournament by 2 hoops on the overall nett hoops criteria. The next two positions were even tighter with Sally Helvey and David Veal having 2 wins each but equal nett hoops. David was awarded 3rd place due to his 7-6 win against Sally. Debbie Hayward took 5th position.

All participants seemed to enjoy the day and it gave them an opportunity to think for themselves rather than the normal doubles or mentored games on club days.