GC Tournament , 26-27 September

October 2nd 2020

The Bath GC Tournament was held 26th/27th September, which might well have been the last really sunny weekend of the 2020 Summer season. 24 people applied to play and so we invited the 12 higher handicappers (HC10 or more) to play on the Saturday, while the 12 people with handicaps below 10 played on the Sunday.

Playing each day as a Swiss Tournament of five rounds on three lawns meant that people tended to play others of a similar standard and, pleasingly, everybody won at least one game on each day.

Saturday ended in a three-way tie between Sue Duncan, Ally Hoyland and Brenda Fisher, all of whom had won 4 games. Because Sue had beaten Ally who had beaten Brenda who had beaten Sue, and because by the end of the day Tournament Manager Philip de Glanville couldn’t cope with any more maths, he declared the three of them to be joint winners, and then they shared the prize with the rest us – a box of chocolates very kindly donated by Gill Clark!

On Sunday Ian Morrison powered his way into the lead with 4 straight wins. However in the 5th and final round he came up against Margaret Murray, who had had 3 wins, and in a very exciting match which was watched at the end by all the other players and which finished exactly on time, Margaret won 7-3 and emerged as overall winner. A great day!

Philip de Glanville