GC Progressive Doubles won by Sue Duncan and Sue Ramsdale

August 22nd 2021

Bradford-on-Avon has a plethora of able BCC croquet players, and no less than three of them are named Sue. They all took part in the GC Progressive Doubles on Friday 13th August when, despite frequent showers of rain and much wielding of brollies, everyone seems to have had a remarkably good day on the Bath lawns.

16 people took part – eight of them with handicaps of 12 or more and eight with handicaps of less than 12. Three of those playing had only joined the Club this year. Throughout the five rounds a lower and a higher handicapper were teamed together, but doubles partnerships were transitory, lasting just one round before splitting up to play another pair. All games were played level.

It was a great way to get to know other GC players, if only briefly, and this seems to have added to everyone’s enjoyment.

The most successful of the lower handicappers was Sue Duncan, who won all five of her games – the last against David Veal on Lawn 1 who was teamed up on this occasion with Christine Lutman who had had 4 wins. Paired with Sue Duncan in this final round was Sue Ramsdale, who also had 4 wins, and who rejoiced in adding another to make it a right royal flush.

The two Sues were each awarded a bottle of Prosecco with which to celebrate their success!