Christmas Racing Croquet Event

December 16th 2021

Storm Barra had swept across the Recreation Ground but in calmer conditions, with the sun making a brief appearance, on Sunday 12th December twenty four members competed in a tournament of Racing Croquet.

Under the close supervision of Hester (the Jester) with all games being played at speed and having only two rules ‘All shots must be legal’ and ‘The ball must not be hit whilst it is still moving’. Not being used to play against the clock, some were impatient for their ball to come to a halt before taking their next shot and the balls easily ran on past the hoops with the grass being rather wet.

There were some closely fought matches and Ian Morrison, was only one stroke ahead of Gill Clark to hit the centre peg in the final and to be hailed the eventual winner.

To celebrate Ian’s win and the approaching festive season everyone, both players and spectators, retired to a warm clubhouse where Gill and Christine were waiting to fill glasses with mulled wine and serve up warmed mince pies.