B League v Weston-Super-Mare

June 5th 2022

For our match v Weston we lost 2 players to handicap revision and injury. Our substitute Team was Martin Alabaster (16), Tony Jackson (18), Mike Henebury (20) and Sue Duncan (24). Weston needed an early finish to meet a dental emergency so we agreed to play 135 minute matches.
In the morning Tony won a Singles match whilst Mike lost narrowly. The Doubles match went to a Golden Hoop which Bath edged, Sue Duncan holding her nerve to roquet and run the hoop. We led 2-1 at lunch.
In the afternoon Mike and Tony lost singles whilst Martin and Sue both won. The final result was Weston 3 – Bath 4. Martin’s victory has lowered his handicap so he is not eligible for final 2 matches. Particular congratulations to Sue Duncan contributing both a doubles and singles victory in her first B League match.