GC HH team v Llandaff: Bath’s first loss this season

July 19th 2022

The match was played on Llandaff’s 2 half lawns which were reasonably flat, despite having some uneven grass growth in the vicinity of the hoops, which at times made hoop running tricky.
Play started with the host team racing ahead with six wins, making good use of their extra turns as three of the team were playing off 14, with Bath’s highest handicap being a 12.
Fortunately Bath’s Mary Dray and Anwen Owens secured wins to raise hopes for Bath. However, this was not followed through in subsequent games, making the lunchtime score 8/2 to Llandaff.
By the start of afternoon play, the weather conditions were still relatively comfortable temperature-wise in comparison to the past week, so energy levels for both teams were not unduly affected.
Although the chances of breaking even for Bath were slim, Bath played solidly throughout the afternoon despite not having practised on half lawns for the summer season. Two wins for Mary-Jane Middlehurst, another win for Mary Dray, and a draw for Anwen Owens helped bring the score up, but during the final hours, Bath had to face up to the fact that they were fighting a losing battle.
Llandaff’s hospitality and sense of humour were greatly appreciated by the Bath team, making the day more tolerable after a bruising defeat.
Final score: Llandaff 14 ½ Bath 5 ½