Alternate Strokes AC Doubles Tournament

June 9th 2023

This year’s Alternate Stroke Doubles was held on a gloriously sunny Wednesday in June, using just lawns 1 & 2, which were dry and quite fast, but still green as a result of a lot of watering recently. Five pairs of AC players took part, so the format was all-play-all in five rounds of 90 minute 14 pt games, with one pair sitting out each round. This made for a long day, starting at 9.30am and not finishing until 6.30pm, but there was a lovely atmosphere of good-natured and friendly competition and everyone played with great gusto.

The pairs were self-selecting, and in every case an experienced AC player teamed up with a relatively high-handicapper. As a result, with one notable exception, games tended to be fairly low-scoring but close fought, decided by Golden Hoop in two instances, and every pair won at least one game, which was pleasing.

Roger Hayes (0) teamed up with Lynne Passfield (12), Margaret Murray (11) with Andy Wagstaff (16), David Prescott (6) with Tony Jackson (18), Bob Hart (9) with Sue Duncan (22) and Martin Alabaster (12) with newcomer Barb Freda (24).

Having won all three of their games so far David and Tony faced up, in the final round, to Roger and Lynn who had won two games. The winner of this would claim the Founders Trophy, on the basis of who-beat-whom. In the end the “Warminster Warriors”, as they dubbed themselves, playing with great style and enthusiasm, pegged out with 10 minutes to spare, proving that 90 minutes was ample for a 14pt game, and themselves as this year’s very worthy winners!

Photos below show “All participants plus manager Philip”, “The Warminster Warriors and “Martin/Barb in play”.