GC Handicap Team Win Again at Nailsea

July 23rd 2023

The clubs GC Handicap Team arrived at Nailsea, keeping everything crossed for a dry session after seeing the weather forecast for the day. Got off to a great start with 6 wins, 1 loss & 1 draw. They got their mallets ‘tuned better’ in the session before lunch with 3 wins to our 1. However, after lunchtime snacks and bubbles we reversed the score with 3 wins to their 1.

As we were just about to take to the lawns for the last session, the sky suddenly turned grey, and heavy rain stopped things. Fortunately it soon passed by, a blue sky returned and we had a clear sweep of 4 wins in the final round. Great supportive team with everyone again contributing wins to the 14.5 – 5.5 score line. The team was Sally Helvey, Clare Fletcher, Lyndon Hughes, Anwen Owens, Ally Hoyland and David Veal.

Rewarding good day of croquet with Nailsea CC making us feel very welcome and the games played in a competitive, yet, friendly way. It ended perfectly with tea and their delicious home-made cake they shared with us.