GC Progressive Doubles Tournament

July 23rd 2023

This perennial favourite attracted its 16 players in record time this year, with most slots being filled overnight. They included a couple of members more often seen playing AC than GC, and two newcomers to the Club (and to croquet) who joined only last month – Nigel Morris (12) and John Hailey (11). Both picked up the idea of handicapped games and extra turns very quickly and, teaming up with a succession of lower-handicappers, they did remarkably well. Both scored no less than 4 wins out of 5. Of the other higher-handicappers Mary Dray (11) and Clare Fletcher (9) also won 4 games, but Mary picked up the bottle of Prosecco at the end of the day with a spectacular nett hoop score of 15!

Amongst the eight lower-handicappers, Brian Owens (6) also won 4 games, ably assisted by Nigel and Mary, as well as Pam Burgoyne (11) and Kate New (11). Dan Rhodes-Chadder (7) came in a close second with 3 wins and a draw, assisted by John, Clare, Brenda Fisher (9), and Tony Jackson (9).

The rain held off, all five rounds were completed by 4pm, and we all ended up in the Clubhouse for a well-earned cup of tea and a piece of Sally Helvey’s delicious banana cake. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, played in very good spirit, and one which we would strongly recommend to more newer members next year.

Photos below show competitors relaxing at end of day and Manager in his Command Post.