If it’s not the weather, it’s the traffic…….

July 23rd 2023

The clubs GC High Handicap Team were at home to LLandaff on 17 July. After a very late start to the match owing to long traffic jams due to a closure on the M4, Llandaff arrived in good spirits after such a long delay. As a result, it was decided that we would play 12 games instead of the usual 20.
Four of the seven Llandaff players had handicaps of 14, providing many extra turns for themselves, Bath’s highest handicaps were 12 and 11. Presentable wins by Kate New, winning 2 games on golden hoop gave Bath a welcome boost. Ann Short made her debut as HH player in our league with a good win. Bath also secured a draw in the doubles at golden hoop.
Despite Bath’s efforts, Llandaff gained momentum during the afternoon session of singles games winning 4 consecutive games.

Bath 3 ½ , Llandaff 8 ½

Bath team: Kate New, David Cook, Pam Burgoyne, Valerie Stanley, Ann Short, Mary-Jane Middlehurst