GC Handicap Team Top Central Division

August 2nd 2023

The GC Handicap Team played at home to the current division leaders , Weston-super-Mare, on 31st July. The visitors brought a strong team with handicaps ranging from -1 to 8 but the home team used their extra turns well. The first two rounds of play were close, 4.5 to 3.5 in favour of the home team. Bath won all 4 games in the third round and continued to keep ahead with a final score of 13.5-6.5.The team members were Anwen Owens, Ally Hoyland, Sally Helvey, Sue Duncan, Lyndon Hughes and captain David Veal who all contributed to the success. This win puts Bath at the top of the block with a home semi-final to come against the North Block winner ( Broadwas or Cheltenham).