Summer Visitors

October 26th 2023

During the Season Bath has played host to many visitors who have thoroughly enjoyed the game of croquet, either watching or playing, at our splendid lawns.

One such group were a recently formed club from Englefield Green who each year ‘go on tour’ to another Club and for 2023 they chose Bath.

Englefield played a planned day tournament (to their rules) and the internal rivalries were brought to the fore across the day. Lunch was taken and the break enabled them to continue to enjoy the glorious sunshine alongside lawn one. The final results of the day were – Mr Stuart Adamson won the ‘tour championship’ and Mr Brian East won the ‘tour challenged cup’.

At their home club the group play to their own rules, a combination of garden and golf croquet. Whilst at Bath they were introduced to Association Croquet and as the day came to a close watched a very entertaining match between two of our members, Andy Wagstaff and Roger Hayes.

Other visitors from across the world pop into our Club to have a chat about the game and exchange anecdotes about their club, and Mr and Mrs Anthony Furino, who were visiting from Florida, USA, did just that. They were keen to tour our lawns and enjoyed sharing in the history of our Club. We received a lovely email from the tour operator extending their appreciation of the welcome received.