A Draw for Bath High Handicap v Weston – super – Mare 27th June 2024

July 7th 2024

The away match was played on Weston- super- Mare’s three lawns that nestle beneath the Bleadon Hills, a perfect setting for a pleasant day to play croquet with cooler temperatures and a steady breeze.

The first few games started well for both teams, despite the fact the we had 5 players to the opposition’s 6 who had handicaps ranging from 8 to 18.

A stunning win by Sue Duncan at 7-0 gave Bath a welcome boost.
It was the first ever away match for John Hailey and Brenda Fisher, both players had good wins. By lunchtime the score was Bath 8 WSM 5.
After lunch the play became more competitive – possibly due to the excellent homemade cakes served by the opposing side!

After lunch WSM won 2 doubles and a single in a row. However, Bath rallied to bring the score up to a draw – 10-10

Bath team: John Hailey, Clare Fletcher, Brenda Fisher, Sue Duncan,
Mary-Jane Middlehurst