Introduction to Croquet

Bath Croquet Club ran their five week ‘Introduction to Croquet’ course again this summer which proved to extremely popular. Even though you may have missed this year’s course, newcomers are always welcome so for further information about joining or to sign up for next year’s course please contact Hester Henebury.

Association Croquet – Beginners & Improvers

A course was also run in April/May for those members who had played golf croquet and wished to learn association croquet. Separately, but also on Saturday mornings, mentored Association Croquet games were available. These are aimed at anyone who is able to play a simple association game but would like further tactical help before joining association croquet club days. The emphasis was on supervised match practice. This is now continuing on association club days.

If you are interested in this please contact Hester Henebury.

Golf Croquet Coaching – Tactics and Use of Extra Turns

Paul Francis will run sessions from 3rd July onwards on Fridays at 12.00 noon before the golf croquet club afternoon.

Thursday afternoon club sessions will continue to be handicap play with mentoring in the use of extra turns.