The Tier 2 championship will be held at two sites; Bath Croquet Club in central Bath and at Camerton & Peasedown Croquet Club at Peasedown St John which is south of Bath. The clubs are approximately 7 miles apart, which represents a 20-30 minute drive by car. Teams will only play at one location on any given day however evening social events will be held at both Clubs over the week. Transport can be arranged to move players from one site to the other at the start and end of a day’s play where necessary. However it is recommended that players have access to their own vehicle given the dual site nature of the event.

The lawns will be available for practice at both sites on Saturday 14th May. The championship will commence on Sunday 15th May and finish on Friday 20th May.


It is strongly recommended that players book their accommodation as soon as possible. The city of Bath is a popular tourist attraction and its International Music Festival starts on Friday 20th May. We are therefore expecting accommodation in Bath and the surrounding area to book up fairly quickly.

There are many places to stay within central Bath because it is a tourist destination but it is likely to be more expensive than staying outside of the city. If looking for accommodation within Bath it is recommended that you visit Bath’s tourism website

Most city centre hotels will be within walking distance of the Bath Croquet Club. Directions to the Bath Club can be found here.

Catering & Social Events

Further information about the event including details in relation to catering and social events can be found here.


If you have any questions relating to the event, please contact either Andrew Willis (Bath) or Ros Key-Pugh (Camerton & Peasedown).